Monday, February 22, 2010


These wonderful little soybeans are a wonderful green to use in stews, stirfries or straight in the shell. It was not that long ago that they were a newfound treat. Now I find myself grabbing a bag from the frozen food section on a regular basis. I have some cooked chicken that I am going to cut up and add to a white sauce that will include sauteed onions and thyme. Instead of using peas for this version of chicken pie I am going to use edamame. For a crust you can use frozen puff pastry or make your own, the best I think is out of the Canadian Living cookbook.
Put your sauce, chicken and edamame in your pan, do not forget to add parsley, makes it taste and look better and then roll out whichever pastry and fold it on top.
The soybeans are a little different than peas and add more nutritionally and taste better I think!

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