Monday, February 8, 2010

Cleaning out the Fridge

I did promise that I would spend the weekend thinking of what we are going to eat this week but before we tuck in to anything new I absolutely must clean out my fridge. I often get over excited when veggie shopping. Things can look so good and I have visions of making fabulous things while staring at beautiful eggplants for example. But the reality is that fresh vegetables need to be eaten quickly to ensure you get the most out of them.
So today we are going to do a massive stir-fry which will include all of the veggies that have been either leftover from other meals or just looked too irresistable to pass by. I think I will also include some tofu...the key is to saute it in your wok (or pan) with a lot of garlic and ginger in a little canola. It will absorb the flavours so it will taste good and provide your dinner with a good helping of protein. Another fun flavour to add is Ponzu sauce. Great friends of ours introduced it to us while eating the fresh catch of the day, it is a soy base with a citrus flavour.
Serve with brown rice and if you have any other leftovers, go crazy and add them too. Your fridge will look great and you will be ready to fill it up again tomorrow.

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