Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Last weekend my husband and I went for a drive and stopped at half a dozen local farms along the way. Actually, we started off at the most wonderful bakery to pick up sticky buns for our kids (which was the intention), and these were not just any sticky buns. They are made with whole wheat flour that has been grown and milled on the island and then the flour is used at their bakery to make these and many other incredible goodies.
We also bought rasberries, tomatoes, at least four varieties and it is only June, honey, nugget potatoes, green onions, carrots and three different colours of beets. We then stopped and bought bison sausage. Had never tried it before but had to today because they were new to us and of course... they too are local...
They were heavier than our favourite turkey sausages but were good and flavourful. Together with a warm salad of beets, greens, nugget potatoes and carrots with a little goat cheese on top, it was a wonderful meal!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

School's out so...back to business!!!

Excuses, excuses! I have actually fed my family even though have not found the time to write about it...why I do not know. But now that school is over and summer has started and most importantly, the sun is shining it is time to get cracking.
And really what could be better than an awesome salad? I am going to try the tabouleh and chickpea salad from my favourite book that i told you about, Whitewater Cooks. It is full of veggies plus bulghur, feta and green olives, sounds like heaven. I have not made it before and will give you the recipe if I love it...that is if you have not bought the book yet!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sooooooo Nice!!!

I have just heard that there is a very kind soul out there who misses reading this, thank you for letting me know tri girl! I have had a very frustrating computer that has finally been unplugged and is en route to a new home...the good news is that it's replacement is now up and running and so I am able to write again.
Sadly tonights meal was not that interesting. But in a way it was. My husband and I were out so I threw together a dinner for my three very busy kids to have when they were all home. Many years ago if I thought of fish and chips it would mean battered and fried. Believe me, I loooooove it that way with lot's of malt vinegar. But the reality is that it is just so hard on the body that we can only eat it once in a while. Tonight's version included baked tilapia and sweet potato fries...and lots of veggies and hummus...inhaled by all...always a good sign.