Thursday, February 4, 2010

Double Up

I have been told by three very good cooks to double up when you can. For example, when you are making pancakes, double the recipe. When your kids are little you will have enough for two or three breakfasts. But when they become teenagers you just have to keep your fingers crossed that you will have enough for one breakfast! Or when you are making macaroni and cheese like I did for dinner tonight, make two. Everyone will be so happy to come home and first of all smell dinner but second of all, whether they love ketchup or straight up, pretty much everyone loves mac and cheese. All you have to do is double the cheese sauce and double the amount of pasta, mix them together and then toss one of them in to the freezer. It will be a welcome surprise when you panic one day in the next couple of weeks when you do not have a second all day to make dinner!

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