Monday, March 22, 2010

March Break

When you have kids this is one of the highlights of the year...a true break after the winter term of school. Another fun part for me is the change in routine. Different foods if you are away, more casual meal times or just more time to make new things. Any way I look at it, this is an indulging time with my family that I enjoy immensely.
But now, back to normal and I noted that my pantry has to have a bit of an over haul. Just so you know, I loooooooooooove to purge. This includes my closet, my kids' rooms, really, any where that I deem necessary at the time. Of course, there are areas that need it desperately but are not that back to the pantry. I noted that for some bizarre reason I have yet another box of lasagne noodles. This means a veggie lasagne tonight and I use a recipe loosely from the French Laundry Cookbook. I know that I do not have everything but am going to wing it...I am sure Thomas Keller has done that once or twice.

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