Wednesday, March 3, 2010

From Soup to Salad

I am going to make a huge salad tonight...lot's of colours and textures over quinoa. It will include sauteed onions and garlic, always a good start. Add celery, peppers, and corn. If you have mushrooms, carrots or brocoli, add away. And just to make sure, add a tin of black beans, great source of protein. In another pot, heat a little oil and add some paprika and then your quinoa and water. When all is ready, chop some parsley and add a little lemon juice.
This is a version of the quinoa salad from Whitewater. I did not have all of the ingredients so I used what I did have. And it was fabulous!!!

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  1. I made this last night. It is really good and super healthy too. It is the first time I have used quinoa.