Monday, January 11, 2010

The inaugural post...

When deciding what to make for my very first post I did what I often do in the morning...I asked my kids. Sometimes I hear "whatever", "it doesn't matter" or my favourite, which comes from my husband "what do you feel like making?" Love that one!!! But today was easy because everyone is excited about the blog. I was asked to make a favourite and I think it is a perfect way to start because it has all of the important qualities in a dinner which include, healthy, easy...and... everyone loves it.
It is from Fine Cooking magazine which is a resource that I love.
Sear Roasted Halibut with Tomato and Capers. Make it and mash some potatoes and blanch some green beans, great combo and you will feel so good feeding it to your family!!!


  1. Sounds delicious - I like to use leftover fish in a soft tortilla with avocado, tomato and crisp greens for lunch the next day (only for me though, as the rest of my family seem to wrinkle their noses at day 2 fish...)