Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Importance of Local...

Some of us are very fortunate to live near farms who produce fruits and vegetables year round. We all have our reasons for supporting local businesses of all kinds and mine are similar to most I expect. The first time I stopped at Madrona Farm I was blown away by the photo hanging on the wall behind the ledge of veggies. It was of a truck driving down a dirt road. The caption read: This is how far your food has travelled. Meaning from the field behind the hut to the hut...300 metres would be my modest guess.
Amazing to me then.
So when I have to use tinned tomatoes in January for chicken cacciatore tonight with egg noodles I will have the satisfaction of knowing that when we are nibbling on the sweetest raw carrots imaginable (my godson even ate them and he is a sworn no carrot eater) we have done a little bit to support our local farm.

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