Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Challenge of Brussels Sprouts

A friend of mine recently challenged me to come up with a way to get her child to eat brussels sprouts. So for today I would like to offer a couple of recipes that I hope will prove successful. The problem with these funny little green cabbages is that they are often over cooked which makes for a smelly and mushy vegetable, not too appetizing for anyone. I have two ideas:
The first is to clean off the outer leaves and with a sharp knife place an X in the bottom, at the core. Instead of using water, pour chicken stock in the saucepan, bring the stock to the boil and then toss your sprouts in. Watch them, and keep checking with fork...a little undercooked is what you are after...if you can smell them they are ready. Always a good rule, I think.
Drain them and add some butter and caraway seeds, great combo.
The second idea is to cook as above but then slice thinly and add some crispy bacon with the caraway seeds, no need for butter but maybe a slosh of olive oil instead. This you can toss with pasta...
I am hoping that this will be the answer!
We are going to do the first way with some leftover turkey pot pie...bought a huge bird this Christmas and this is the end of it!!!!

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