Monday, February 14, 2011

A Ha Moment

I seem to be having a lot of these lately...and the one today has brought me back to my blog.
Even though it is not about what I am making for dinner tonight (leftovers in the freezer, love that).
My a ha moment came this afternoon upon our return after an extraordinary weekend away skiing. We were up north, remember, we can drive to snow out here on the west coast, having a long weekend of skiing and fun with friends. We arrived and it was winter with lots of snow and a very impressive base. Saturday afternoon the snow started and by Sunday morning we had an additional 64 we woke up to what some described as a blizzard. Sadly for the skiers in my family we had to leave.
Happily for me I had an a ha moment. It came when we turned down our driveway and were met by our pink rhododendrons bursting with colour. Can you believe it? It was spectacular!
They have reminded me that a ha moments happen all the time, you just have to keep your eyes open because you do not want to miss one!!!
Back to the kitchen or thereabouts tomorrow, have tried some new recipes and new ideas lately, look forward to sharing them with you.

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