Friday, April 2, 2010


This is a funny mushroom because they look like sponges. But my oh my do they smell good when you make a risotto with them. I was taught how to make risotto by a very dear family friend who I had been told makes "the" best risotto in the world. While in town for a concert he came for dinner and then...lucky us...made us dinner! I was given a shopping list and could not wait to see him. The stories that accompanied the recipe were better than the food, but then, they usually always are. My son loves morels so I made the risotto tonight with morels instead of porcini's, it was good but was definitely lacking the italian and musical flare of my teacher.
Saute some onion in olive oil and add your arborio rice. I think I used about a cup and a half of rice and 2 or 3 table spoons of oil with one chopped onion. Pour boiling water over your dried mushrooms and let them steep. Heat a good three cups of chicken stock on the stove. Once the rice is well coated start to add the hot stock, 1/2c at a time. Constantly stirring. Rinse the mushrooms and chop BUT keep the liquid, it is gold! Do add it as well to your rice, it adds a lovely earthy flavour. Keep adding stock to your rice until it is cooked...and continue to stir...and then add the mushrooms, some peas and freshly grated parmesan. Divine!!!

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