Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sooooooo Nice!!!

I have just heard that there is a very kind soul out there who misses reading this, thank you for letting me know tri girl! I have had a very frustrating computer that has finally been unplugged and is en route to a new home...the good news is that it's replacement is now up and running and so I am able to write again.
Sadly tonights meal was not that interesting. But in a way it was. My husband and I were out so I threw together a dinner for my three very busy kids to have when they were all home. Many years ago if I thought of fish and chips it would mean battered and fried. Believe me, I loooooove it that way with lot's of malt vinegar. But the reality is that it is just so hard on the body that we can only eat it once in a while. Tonight's version included baked tilapia and sweet potato fries...and lots of veggies and hummus...inhaled by all...always a good sign.


  1. Hey, I missed you too. How's life on the Wet Coast?

  2. :-) I am doing the stir fry tonight.