Monday, September 13, 2010

Dinner...turning in to lunch

I realize that this is a very practical way to eat, eating leftovers from dinner for lunch the next day. And so many clever fold do it. I remember a lovely lady I worked with at the TD Bank years ago would bring the most divine leftovers, the lunch room always smelled so good. And as recent as this summer I was given some great advice to eat what I had made the night before. It is practical and such a good way to keep that refridgerator clean...not to mention economical!
Having said all of this it is a challenge to do day after day for your family.
Last week I started well because we had a group of ten kids for lunch the first day back. My kids were thrilled because there were leftovers all week!!! It did get me thinking how great it is to have a choice in the morning, be it leftover chicken or blackforest ham or salami. Peanut butter is a weekend only treat but sunflower butter is a great substitute...amazing with creamed honey!!!
Leftover rice with peas and carrots or leftover mac and cheese are both good for lunch. My next challenge will be to make sure there is enough food in there because I have one in particular who is eating not only a lot but very frequently!!!

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